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How do I fix the duplicate IPs problem on my Ventrilo server?
  1) Log in to Ventrilo 3.0 as your administrator account. 2) Right...
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How do I set a default Ventrilo channel?
The default channel option is inside the user editor under the network tab.
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How do I set up a user on my Ventrilo server?
  1) Log in to your Ventrilo server as an Administrator, which is also...
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Can I upgrade or downgrade my server?
Yes, you can downgrade or upgrade your server at anytime! Simply follow the below steps. 1) Log...
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How do I ban or unban a user in Ventrilo?
1) Login with server admin password. 2) Right click in the Ventrilo window....
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How do I change the sound quality/codec of my Ventrilo server?
If you're unhappy with your voice quality you can change your codec through your Ventrilo control...
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How do I connect to my Ventrilo server?
Video Tutorial Text Directions 1) Start the ventrilo program. Click on the...
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How do I create a Ventrilo channel?
Video Instructions   Text Directions To create a Ventrilo channel you...
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How do I get MAC users to work on my Ventrilo server?
  1) Log into your ventrilo control panel at 2) Click on...
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How do I log in as an administrator to my Ventrilo server?
  There are two ways to gain server admin access. The first is to...
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How do I set a server password?
To set a server password follow the below steps. 1) Log into
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How do I set up an administrator account in my Ventrilo server?
1) Log in as an administrator to your Ventrilo server.2) Right click on any channel. 3) Go to...
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How to create a phantom user to listen in on other channels
If you want to listen in on another channel while staying in a different...
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What are all these user privileges for in the Ventrilo client?
For more information on all of the Ventrilo user privileges, please read the user rights section...
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