How do I log in as an administrator to my Ventrilo server?


There are two ways to gain server admin access.

The first is to enter the global admin password once you connect to your server.

1) Connect to the server.
2) Right click in the Ventrilo window.
3) Select Server Admin.
4) Select Login.
5) Enter global server administration password.

The second method is to add your self to the user file and have it automatically assign you server admin rights when you connect using your reserved name and password. See the first method for becoming a server admin to perform the following steps.

1) Right click in the Ventrilo window.
2) Select Server Admin.
3) Select User editor.
4) Enter your login name.
5) Give it a unique password for this login.
6) Check the Server Admin option.
7) Click Add.

You will need to modify the server definition you created in the client when connecting to this server so that the specific password matches what you just entered in the User Editor. This reserves your login name because the password is now unique. When you connect to the server it will automatically give you server admin rights.

Please note that if you don't enter the same password in your server definition that you created in the Server Editor window then you will not be able to login in at all even if the server does not have a global password. As mentioned, your login name is reserved by adding it to the user file so be sure to get it right the first time.

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