Teamspeak 3 Insufficient Permission Problems (modify_power)

If you've modified or changed your permissions and are now receiving errors that you're unable to make changes to your server then you have most likely removed or changed crucial Teamspeak 3 permissions. Such examples would be inadequate modify power access or insufficient permissions.

If you've modified your permissions are UNABLE to regrant yourself those permissions, you will need to perform a restore on your server or reset your permissions.

If you can regrant yourself the permissions to make alternations, you can merely modify the permissions.

BargainVoice customers have built-in utilies to restore their server and fix these problems. If you're not a BargainVoice customer you should look into becoming one now! We offer the lowest Teamspeak 3 pricing available.

To perform a permission reset, please log into your control panel, click on "Permission Manager" and click on "Reset Permissions".

To perform a restore, please view

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