How do I become an administrator or get a server admin privilege key on my Teamspeak 3 server?

In order to become a server administrator on your Teamspeak 3 server you will need to generate a "Server Admin" privilege key/token.

1) To do this you must first log into your Teamspeak 3 control panel.

2) Next you will need to click on "Token Manager" or "Privilege Manager" in your control panel.

3) Click the submit button next to the dropdown with "Server Admin" selected.

4) A new key will be generated that looks like a long string. Copy this string to your clipboard with ctrl+c

5) Log into your Teamspeak 3 client, click on "Permissions", "Use privilege key". Now press ctrl+v to paste your privilege key.

6) Once you press ok/submit the server will accept your token and you will now be a server admin.

If you wish to grant special server group permissions or assign special permissions by channel for other users, you will also need to use the "Token Manager" from within the control panel and give the privilege key to your friends to use.

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