How do I add a custom banner to my Teamspeak 3 server?

If you wish to add a custom banner to display inside your Teamspeak 3 client when you log in, please read below.

1) Log into the Teamspeak 3 control panel.

2) Click on "Server Settings"

3) Enter in the information for your banner image (jpg is supported ex. and banner image target (ex.

Please note that the banner image MUST be hosted webspace you own somewhere and you must place the full URL of that image location into the setting above.

4) Click submit, you're all done! You should now see the image when you log in.


Note: we have seen some issues with jpg files on some clients versions.  If you do not see the graphic as a jpg, try a different client platform or a different graphic format such as gif.  Win7-64 client is known to have issues with some jpg files.

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