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File not found (icon_######)
If you're reciving a file not found error in your Teamspeak 3 window it means you're custom icons...
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How can I modify my log settings or view my Teamspeak 3 server logs?
Note:  You must have Teamspeak 3 client version 3.0.2 or newer to view the server logs.   How...
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How do I add a custom banner to my Teamspeak 3 server?
If you wish to add a custom banner to display inside your Teamspeak 3 client when you log in,...
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How do I backup or restore my Teamspeak 3 server?
Backing up your Teamspeak 3 server You can create and manage up to 4 snapshots of your Teamspeak...
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How do I become an administrator or get a server admin privilege key on my Teamspeak 3 server?
In order to become a server administrator on your Teamspeak 3 server you will need to generate a...
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How do I create a Server Query Login
If you're looking to create an individual server query login for your Teamspeak 3 server you can...
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How do I move my server to a new location?
You can move your server to a new location at your convenience.  There is one caveat, the...
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How do I remove my server from the public Teamspeak 3 listing page?
To remove your server from the Teamspeak 3 public listing page simply right click on your server...
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How do I setup custom server group icons?
  The above will show you the steps needed to change the server...
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I can't connect to my Teamspeak 3 server's remote query port for my third party scripts.
Can't connect to the remote Teamspeak 3 query port? It's because you're using the incorrect...
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insufficient client permissions (failed on i_channel_min_depth)
As a server admin:1) Go to "Permissions"2) Server Groups, highlight "Server Admin"3) put...
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Teamspeak 3 Insufficient Permission Problems (modify_power)
If you've modified or changed your permissions and are now receiving errors that you're unable to...
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TsViewer/GameTracker Permissions
In order for GameTracker to be able to query your server, some permission need to be...
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What is my Teamspeak 3 query port?
Your Teamspeak 3 server uses the default query port of 10011
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Where can I find the IP address for my Teamspeak 3 Server?
Please do not use an actual IP address (numbers and dots) to connect to your server.  The IP...
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You were kicked from the server by the Server Anti-Spam measure
If you're receiving the following message "You were kicked from the server by the Server...
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