TsViewer/GameTracker Permissions

In order for GameTracker to be able to query your server, some permission need to be adjusted.

Before you try to edit the permissions, open the Settings menu in the TS3 client and then select Options. Ensure that "Advanced permissions system" is checked.

Open the Permissions menu in the TS3 client and select Server Groups. 

Select the Guest group in the left box. In the middle box, you need to add the appropriate permission for where you do not have permissions marked. Refer to below and ensure the following have permissions:

serverinfo: Virtual Server -> Information -> View Virtual Server Info (or b_virtualserver_info_view)
clientlist: Virtual Server -> Information -> View List of Clients online (or b_virtualserver_client_list)
channellist: Virtual Server -> Information -> View List of existing Channels (or b_virtualserver_channel_list)

Double click the one(s) you want to give permission to. Checkboxes will appear in that line, make sure the Value column is checked for that value. Then, close the window and see if GT can scan the server.

You may also need to look under Group -> Information -> for:
b_virtualserver_servergroup_list (View list of server group members)
b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list (View list of channel group members)

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